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Invest in intellectual property (not residential and commercial property)! ‘Major venture capital firms to bring €10 billion to ‘tech tour’’ | The Sunday Business Post

| The Post.

Ireland’s technology entrepreneurs are hoping for a boost when 60 professional investors with €10 billion at their disposal arrive in Dublin later this month.

The investors, including representatives of some of the biggest venture capital (VC) firms in the world, will visit Ireland as part of a three-day ‘Tech Tour’ covering Ireland and Britain. Executives from the investment arms of large multinational firms will also attend.

The funders will hear investment pitches from 30 Irish and British companies, which were selected last week after a process that attracted applications from about 250 companies.

More of this, please. Would Anglo-Irish Bank be in such trouble if it had a diversified loan book that was weighted much more heavily in favour of high-tech start-ups? Would Ireland Inc be in similar trouble too, if there were a multiplicity of investment vehicles for rational investment in intellectual property, as opposed to the bizarre and singularly obsessive concentration on investment in commercial and residential property? Just asking.