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Current Directions Special Issue on Schizophrenia Now Open Access

Something that is worth noting. There is a lot of high profile Irish research on schizophrenia (see this and this, for example).

Dear APS Colleague,

The Special Issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science on Schizophrenia has been getting so much attention that, in special arrangement with our publisher SAGE, we have just made the issue completely Open Access. Below are open links, along with a brief introductory video from Special Issue Guest Co-Editor (and noted Schizophrenia researcher) Elaine Walker providing an interesting historical overview of the field:

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you like – friends, colleagues, students. We already have heard of APS members making these papers required readings as a part of their Fall classes. Thanks to Current Directions Editor Randy Engel for commissioning what will surely become a classic set of reviews.

Best, Alan

APS Executive Director
Mark A. Geyer

Neurodevelopment and Schizophrenia: Broadening the Focus

Elaine Walker, Dan Shapiro, Michelle Esterberg, and Hanan Trotman Prenatal Factors in Schizophrenia

Suzanne King, Annie St-Hilaire, and David Heidkamp Current Research on the Genetic Contributors to Schizophrenia
Michael F. Pogue-Geile, and Jessica L.Yokley Schizophrenia Course, Long-Term Outcome, Recovery, and Prognosis

Thomas H. Jobe and Martin Harrow

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