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Upcoming at the Science Gallery: A message from Dara O Briain, a mind-blowing exploration of space and pedal power in Science Gallery

Comedic genius Dara O Brian has recorded a special message for you! Watch Dara describe our upcoming LIBEL CHILL event, book your tickets for a mind-blowing exploration of the shape of space and limber up for Science Gallery’s first human powered event…

27:05:10 at 18:30

Dara O Briain is a supporter of the Libel Reform campaign and is helping us spread the word about the upcoming LIBEL CHILL event at Science Gallery. While Dara can’t make it on May 27th he has lent his support to the event and his friend Simon Singh in a specially recorded video message available on http://www.sciencegallery.com

We are delighted to welcome Simon Singh and Peter Wilmshurst, who together with their lawyers and TCD Law lecturer Eoin O’Dell, will outline how English and Irish libel laws are deterring scientific research and free comment.

Watch Dara’s video here:

Tickets (on sale for €15) are available now:

13:05:10 at 18:30

When we look out on a clear night, the universe seems infinite. Yet this infinity might be an illusion. In Jeffrey Weeks’ talk this Thursday he will use computer games to introduce the concept of a “multi-connected universe”, followed by interactive 3D graphics to take the viewer on a tour of several possible shapes for space. Finally, we’ll see how recent satellite data provides tantalizing clues to the true shape of our universe. The only prerequisites for this talk are curiosity and imagination. Jeffrey Weeks is an international speaker, a master of exposition in topology and geometry, he is a versatile and productive designer of computer software for investigating knots, spaces, tessellations, and geometry across all dimensions.

Tickets are €5 – don’t miss out – book your tickets here today:

26:05:10 at 18:30

How many people does it take to power a light bulb?
In this first ever human powered event at Science Gallery Gavin Harte, in association with the EPA, will present his unique talk on climate change and energy. A people-powered electricity station will be connected to bicycles and the audience will pedal to provide power for the talk. If the audience stops, so does the show!


The Science Gallery team.

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