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Some thoughts on the future of research and innovation in the Irish Economy from Will Hutton

From a post at Irish Economy, Will Hutton on the future of research and innovation in the Irish economy:

Will Hutton focused on innovation. He also commented on the economic problems in the UK and Ireland (he made a few comments that might provoke some debate – unfortunately he had to leave the discussion early). In general he argued that since innovation depends on the cumulative stock of scientific and technological knowledge most innovation will continue to take place in the EU, US and Japan but that it was important to put the appropriate structures in place.

His slides are available here. Note the title of his talk: ‘Shaping the recovery through innovation’. Slides 9-14 on the knowledge economy are particularly interesting, as are the slides on the research and innovation ecosystem.

His focus for research includes the following:

• Nanotechnologies
• Energy from fusion
• Advanced materials
• Carbon sequestration
• Manage the nitrogen cycle
• Water
• Health informatics
• Durable customised infrastructure
• Customised medicine
• The brain
• Cyberspace security
• Enhance virtual reality
• Personalised learning

His concluding bullet points:

The Irish Opportunity
• Productive entrepreneurship
• Focus on knowledge economy sectors
• All Ireland Intermediate institutions to
build an innovation eco-system
• A reframed macro-deal
• A new bargain on work – supporting
workers as risk-taking authors of their
own lives
• Think small state strategies

Fascinating that this economist, just like OECD economists, treats research as an investment, rather than consumption, good. Would that this lesson were listened to and acted upon here!

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