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Country Profile of Ireland, 1999-August 31, 2009 – ScienceWatch.com

Country Profile of Ireland, 1999-August 31, 2009 – ScienceWatch.com.

According to Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters, among the 149 top-performing countries in all fields, Ireland ranked #35 for citations (399,211), #39 for papers (38,841), and #29 (10.28) for citations per paper. Average citation rates are across all nations for all papers published by field. Time period: 1999-August 31, 2009.

Top three disciplines over this time as measured by citations per paper were:

1.  Molecular Biology and Genetics (30.68)

2. Immunology (24.23)

3. Neuroscience and Behaviour (16.93)

Most cited discipline: Clinical Medicine (109,487 citations for 8,852 papers).

The period covered ranges from a period when there was comparatively little investment in science (up to the late 90’s and early 00’s) and a period in which there has been comparatively greater investment. Time will tell what happens to our relative citation ranking (and this Forfas report provides plenty of further detail).

The Forfas report summary:

Research strengths in Ireland: A bibliometric study of the public research base
Date:    09 December 2009
Source:    Forfás, HEA
Topics:    Science, Technology and Innovation: Research & Development

Forfás in conjunction with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) commissioned a Bibliometric study of the Irish Public Research Base. This is one component of a larger study which seeks to optimise the alignment between the publicly funded research and the enterprise base for economic benefit. The Bibliometric Study was carried out by Evidence Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. The overall objective of the Bibliometric study was to profile research activity and areas of existing and emerging research strengths across the public research base. The study focused on a ten-year period (1998-2007) and the research disciplines were mapped with reference to discipline categories linked to the OECD Fields of Science (FoS) Classification. The analyses and the report are based solely on publication and citation data.

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