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Innovation Taskforce Report – released, with some relevant extra links

Download the report here: Department of Taoiseach – Innovation Taskforce.

[Update: Innovation Alliance website here.]

Some reportage here.

Some scepticism from Michael Hennigan  here.

Welcoming comments by Patrick Cunningham (Chief Scientific Advisor) here.

Irish Economy post and comment here.

Farmleigh progress post and comment here.

Two key pieces from the report:

What are the key elements of an Innovation Ecosystem?
To make innovation work for us we have to develop an ecosystem in which each element, and each interaction, supports innovation across the economy and society.
The key elements in such an ecosystem are:
entrepreneurs and enterprises (indigenous and foreign-owned);
investment in research and development;
the education system, in particular, higher education institutions;
finance, in particular risk capital;
the tax and regulatory environment;
public policy and institutions.


What do we need to do to make this happen?
Build on our Investment to date in research and development
Current economic difficulties should not be allowed diminish the level of investment which we believe is necessary or inhibit the return on investments already made.
Therefore we must:
Deliver on the investment framework set out in the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (SSTI) 2006-13 and achieve the goal in the renewed Programme for Government of investing 3% of GDP in R&D by committing to investment in an updated SSTI for the 2014-2020 period.
Ensure greater and more co-ordinated public research investment, leveraging of more private sector investment and channelling this investment into agreed areas of national priority.

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