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Where has all the Swine Flu gone?

As the current ‘pandemic’ of swine flu begins to fade both in Ireland and across Europe people are beginning to ask did we really need to spend so much money on importing expensive flu vaccines and was there really a threat to the health of the nation by the H1N1 flu virus. When was the last time you read about swine flu deaths in the newspapers or heard it on the radio or television. I am beginning to think that both WHO and governments over reacted to this ‘pandemic’ and I am not the only one. Wolfgang Wodarg who chairs the EU parliamentary assembly’s health subcommittee says he doesn’t believe swine flu is truly a pandemic. Apart from people with underlying medical conditions very few other people died from this particular flu virus when compared to seasonal flu.

Later in January MEPS from across Europe will meet to hold an inquiry into why the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic. This declaration in turn triggered the Irish government and others across Europe to purchase vaccines at not an inconsequential cost. It could be argued that the purchase of vaccine contracts from several pharmaceutical companies was largely based on fears of a highly virulent H1N1 causing high number of deaths in the country. Several countries are now trying to renegotiate their vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies. Good luck to them!

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