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(Re)Measuring University Quality: From The Times Higher Education – Firm foundations for global comparisons

Per the post below on the measurement of university quality.

via Times Higher Education – Firm foundations for global comparisons.

Money quote:

Today, Thomson Reuters launched its Global Institutional Profiles Project, which will gather an unprecedented amount of data “combining peer review, scholarly outputs, citation patterns, funding levels and faculty characteristics in one comprehensive database”.

Reflecting current concerns about profiling and ranking systems, it said it was seeking to “develop a data source that provides the best-informed and most effective resource to build profiles of universities and research-based institutions around the world”.

Clearly very different to the JT system, and somewhat different to the previous THES-QS metholodogy. There is going to be a lot of competition in this area. It would be nice to see some attention given to the basic properties of measuring a qualitative construct (quality) via quantitative means.

And the EU wants to get in on the act too:


BRUSSELS, Jan. 6 (UPI) — European Union officials say they’re developing a new ranking system for universities to help steer students to Europe’s 4,000 institutions.

The new system is meant to compete with existing “league tables,” which European higher education officials complain consistently give short shrift to the continent’s educational strengths, the EUobserver reported Wednesday.

EU officials say the European ranking project is to be developed over a two-year period with planned roll-out at the beginning of 2011. They are being developed by a German/Dutch/Belgian/French consortium for Higher Education and Research Performance Assessment, which won a $1.6 million request for proposals to come up with an alternative for the global ranking of universities.

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